1. How can I pay for my parts?

We accept all major credit cards inlcuding VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and other Credit cards.

2. What if I do NOT have a Credit card?

Please use Paypal at checkout to Pay from you Paypal account.


Your Personal information is SECURE with us. We do NOT sell or rent out our customer databases. Please read our privacy policy for more details.


All parts are warranted by the respective mfg for generally 1 year, Unlimited mileage, Normal "Wear & Tear" excepted. Items that do normally wear, brake rotors, pads, filters, etc are covered for product defect. There are NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NOR ARE THERE ANY WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. ALL GOODS ARE SOLD AND DELIVERED AS IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS. VNHM SHOP makes NO representation or promise with respect to the quality or the anticipated performance of this equipment.  Further,VNHM SHOP shall NOT be responsible for any consequential, incidental, or contingent damages, or costs incurred of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the costs incurred directly or indirectly in relation to goods sold by VNHM SHOP.


Prices are subjected to change without notice.

6. What happens if I order the WRONG PART?

If you order the wrong part it will be your obligation to call or email us to obtain a Return Authorization # to return/exchange the part. There is a 15 percent restocking fee plus you are responsible for return shipping costs. DO NOT RETURN PARTS WITHOUT RMA#. They will be refused or if accepted you will be responsible for return postage. There is a 30 day time limit on returns. After 30 days all sales are final. All parts MUST be returned in the same original box as received. NO RETURNS on any Electrical component or SPECIAL ORDER items for ANY REASON.

7. What happens if I order the RIGHT part, but am shipped the WRONG part?

Please contact customer service and we will take care of you. We will need you to return the incorrect part using the required RMA#. If you ship the parts back at your expense we will reimburse those costs, OR we may issue a CALL-TAG to return.......our option.

8. What is a "CORE" Charge?

A CORE Deposit is usually added to a rebuilt or re-manufacturered product. This Deposit is generally added to Alternators, Starters, Power Steering pumps, Driveshafts etc. The respective rebuilders ADD this charge to Insure that they receive a rebuildable part back to continue the process. We ADD the core charge to products so designated on our catalog. It works like this.............We send you the part and ADD the CORE Deposit to your bill. You install the part remembering to keep the original box it came in... (VERY IMPORTANT). Please contact customer service and we will advise you further. You then Return the CORE at your expense to the address we provide you. When the CORE "Clears" the rebuilder and is accepted as REBUILDABLE they credit us, and we in turn credit your credit card. The FINAL arbiter of rebuildability and refund of CORE Deposit rests with the rebuilder. VNHM SHOP assumes no liability in regard to decisions made by rebuilders. There decisions are FINAL and we have no control over them. If the part you return is NOT acceptable to rebuilder as "rebuildable" there is NO Return of deposit and the rebuilder maynot return the core part back to you. There is a 45 day Time limit on CORE returns. No refunds after 45 days.

9. What happens if I simply decide I do not want the parts I ordered?

No Problem. We request such returns be made within 7 days of receipt. Because we sell parts at "wholesale" prices WE MUST CHARGE A 15 percent Re-Stocking fee on these returns, plus you are responsible for freight both ways. We will issue a refund to the creditcard you used, or issue Store Credit for future purchases. Parts must be UNUSED, not installed for "Testing" purposes and be in original Factory Carton. NO RETURNS For any reason on Electrical Components or SPECIAL ORDER items.

10. What if I receive a "Damaged " Box?

You must Immediately contact the respective shipping company. They are solely liable for shipping damages. Explain to them the nature of the problem or damage, give them your name, address, and the TRACKING # from the box. They will advise you on the claim procedure. Get the DAMAGE CONTROL # the date/time & the name or ID # of the person you talk with from the carrier. Then, contact our customer support to notify us. We will then work with you to exchange/replace affected parts. You may be required to purchase a 2nd part and wait for refund from carrier.

11. Do we ship Internationally?

No at this time.